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  1. Water your lawn during the early morning hours when there are low temperatures and low winds. This reduces the amount of water you loose from evaporation. By using a screwdriver you can test soil moisture. If the screwdriver goes in easily, don't water.
  2. Position your sprinklers to water only the lawn, not the sidewalk or street. By placing an empty can on your lawn, you can catch and measure the water output of your sprinkler system.
  3. Don't waste water hosing down your driveway or sidewalk. This saves 25 gallons for every five minutes used.
  4. Don't waste water by letting the hose run when washing a car. Using a trigger spray hose-end attachment will make it easy for you to shut off the water in between uses. Or use a commercial car wash that recycles water.
  5. Don't over water your lawn during the summer, as a general rule it only needs to be watered every 3-4 days during the hottest months.
  6. Putting a three-inch layer of inorganic mulch, which is any type of rock, or organic mulch, which includes bark, straw or hay around trees and shrubs, will reduce evaporation.
  7. Check your irrigation systems for leaks. A missing emitter (the piece that allows the transfer of water from the tube to the area being irrigated) or a hole in your tubing will be very costly to you. Close off emitters when you are no longer watering.
  8. If you have an evaporative cooler, you may want to attach a hose to the over flow and direct it to drain to a flowerbed, tree or your lawn.
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