Pueblo del Sol
Water Company

4090 Canyon de Flores
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650
(520) 458-3742

Your water service may be disconnected for the following reasons:

  1. Failure to pay a delinquent account or a payment agreement.
  2. Failure to reimburse us for a returned check that was payment on a delinquent account.
  3. Failure to arrange payment on a delinquent account.
  4. Unauthorized connection to the water distribution system.
  5. If a customer creates a hazardous condition by leaving water on too long.

Your account balance is due on your due date (please find your due date on your statement). If a balance remains unpaid after a five calendar day grace period, your account may be charged a 1.5% late fee becoming delinquent.

Once your account becomes delinquent and charges are not paid before your required due date, your account is considered delinquent for non-payment and your water service can be terminated.

If water services are disconnected for non-payment on a delinquent account or a payment agreement customer will be required to pay their balance in full, a $75.00 Security Deposit(if applicable) and a $10.00 re-connect charge.

Your payment can be made by one of the following; our local office at 4090 Canyon de Flores, www.pdsh2o.com or payment by phone at 888-962-7482.

If you have not yet been disconnect, but having a financial hardship. Please phone 458-3742 during normal business hours and a customer service representative can help assist you in this matter.

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