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Water Company

4090 Canyon de Flores
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650
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New Customer Account Setup  
Getting Started with Your New Account  

As a new customer you have the ability to setup your account online with Pueblo del Sol. To start the process, please carefully review and submit your agreement to the following new customer account setup agreement.


The undersigned "Customer" requests water service at the described service address ("premises") from "Company " (Pueblo del Sol Water Company) and agrees to be governed by and comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and orders governing such services as they may be, from time to time, amended, Customer also agrees:

  1. To assume responsibility for installing, inspecting, maintaining and repairing any piping or other water facilities on Customer's side of the meter, to make certain all water-using facilities are turned off before water service is started or terminated; to safeguard all Company property installed in or on the premises; to ensure all Company property (including meters) in or on the premises is unobstructed and accessible to Company; to exercise reasonable care to prevent loss or damage to Company property; to pay for loss of or damage to Company property caused by Customer; to properly install, maintain, repair, and annually test any mandated Backflow Prevention Assemble ("BPA") and to provide Company certification thereof; to provide Company and its duly authorized agents access, at all reasonable hours, to the premises for the purpose of reading or testing meters, installing, maintaining or repairing Company water facilities, for hazard evaluation surveys, to determine the presence of unprotected cross-connections and to inspect and inventory BPAs; to grant Company adequate easements and rights of way.
  2. Company is not responsible for any damages to the premises from flooding due to condition of water facilities or appliances on Customer's side of meter or for negligence of third persons or forces beyond the control of Company, resulting in any interruption of service or damage to Customer or Customer's premises. Company does not guarantee uninterrupted service or service at a specific water pressure or gallons-per-minute flow rate.
  3. Water furnished by Company shall be used only on Customer's premises and only for domestic purposes. Customer will not sell or furnish water to any other person or permit any other person to use same.
  4. During a critical water condition as determined by Company or public agency, Customer shall use water only for those purposes specified by Company.
  5. Meters will be read and bills rendered monthly. BILLS ARE DUE WHEN RENDERED, shall be delinquent after 15 days, and if not paid in 25 days, service may be disconnected by the Company. Water service will be restored, after such disconnection, when account is paid in full and a service charge of $20.00 is paid. A security deposit may also be required. Failure to receive bills or notices shall not prevent such bills from becoming delinquent, nor relieve the Customer of his obligations.
  6. Water bills will be computed in accordance with the Company's authorized rate schedule on file with the Arizona Corporation Commission ("ACC"), and will be based on the amount of water consumed for the period covered by the meter readings.
  7. The Company and ACC will make special meter readings at the request of the Customer for a fee of $20.00 provided, however, that if such special meter reading discloses that the meter was over-read, no charge will be made.
  8. Not less that three (3) days notice must be given in person or in writing by the Customer at the Company's office to discontinue service or changes occupancy. The outgoing party will be responsible for all utility services provided and water delivered up to the scheduled turnoff date.
  9. ALL OUTSTANDING BALANCES DUE, as well as an estimated final billing, will be paid in full to the Company, prior to discontinuance of service.
  10. Customer will be charged $15.00 for any returned payment items.
  11. Customer will be charges $35.00 for any after hour service calls. Weekend and Holidays are $35.00 as well
  12. Company may refuse service or disconnect service, in the approved by the ACC, if Customer fails to comply with the application.
  13. All terms and conditions of the Application, including the amounts contained herein are subject to change upon approval of the ACC.

For applications submitted online, a $50.00 deposit is required. The deposit will be held by the Company and refunded to your account with 6% interest after 12 consecutive months of service with no more than one late payment.


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