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Water Company

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Sierra Vista, AZ 85650
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Use the guidelines below to determine if water is leaking somewhere on your property. Repairs of leaks between the water meter and to the home and property are the responsibility of the customer. Repairs of leaks up to the water meter are Pueblo del Sol Water Company's responsibility.

  1. We suggest you print this page to follow the step by step instructions and to record your two meter readings.
  2. Before you perform a leak test, please insure that no water is being used, i.e., all appliances are turned off, no showers or bathtubs are in use, the pump on your swamp cooler is in the off position, and if you have irrigation on a timer, that it will not go off while you perform the meter test.
  3. Locate your meter: Your meter is located at the end of your property line near the street, on either side of your home. In most cases, two-meters are side by side (your meter and your neighbors) with the one that is closest to your home being yours.
  4. Take a few moments to observe your meter. Check if you have a triangle in the middle of the meter. This triangle could be black, red or white. This triangle is very sensitive. It detects water motion within the meter. If the triangle is spinning with everything off in the home you may have a leak.
  5. If you don't have a triangle you want to take a meter read and pay close attention to the red hand. Between each number on the meter is one gallon registered.
  6. Wait about fifteen to twenty minutes, without using any water. Recheck the meter reading and record. The reading should be the same. If the meter has moved, this suggests a possible leak.

Download Leak Test PDF

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